“Who Wants a Car Ride?” — Five Dog-Related Travel Tips

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dog in car

Five Dog Travel Tips

“Who’s a good boy? Are you a good boy?”

dog in car Chances are, if you happen to be a dog owner, this is (relatively one-sided) conversation you’ve undoubtedly had for each wonderful day of your ownership. Perhaps a less common human/dog conversation, however, might require a little more attention, and it’s a conversation that generally begins with, “Who wants to go for a car ride?” As much as dogs love riding in the car, they tend to be somewhat finicky travel companions. So, before you begin your next cruise with your furry friend, take these five dog travel tips from your friends at Metro Honda.

1) Create a Puppy Travel Kit. On a drive of any length, your dog will require a few everyday supplies to ensure that it is comfortable and well taken care of. Items such as identification paperwork, food, a bowl, a leash, a poop-scoop, plastic bags, any medication they may be taking and perhaps a familiar toy or pillow should definitely be included.
2) Get your Dog Acclimated to Travel. No dog is a wonderful traveler from day one. Take your dog on short drives around town to get he or she comfortable within the confines of your car. By the time a longer trip is undertaken, your dog should be well-acquainted with the rigors of travel.

3) Feed and Exercise your Dog Prior to your Trip. Optimally, your dog should be fed three or more hours before a trip to ensure that it doesn’t get car-sick. Additionally, giving your dog a fair amount of exercise prior to the trip increases the likelihood that it will relax during the drive, which is safer for travel.

4) Kennel your Dog during Travel. You’ll feel like a jerk when your dog can’t look out the window during the trip, but it’s much safer for your dog to be confined when a vehicle is in motion. Find a kennel that is large enough for your dog to stand and move about, and secure it within your vehicle.

5) Don’t Allow your Dog to have its Head out the Window at Highway Speeds. We know, this one is difficult too. But the sensations that dogs enjoy can actually be dangerous, with potential debris particles in the air. Also, the whipping of ears can actually give a dog “Cauliflower Ear,” similar to what occurs in wrestlers.

We hope that these tips help for safe and happy travel with your furry friends! And, if you’d like to show us some of your dogs first hand, feel free to bring them by Metro Honda in Jersey City! Treats for everyone!

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