How Do You Use Honda HandsFreeLink®?

October 20th, 2017 by

Honda Accord Hands Free Link

Honda HandFreeLink® allows you to pair your phone and your vehicle – that way you don’t have to take your attention off the roads in order to place or receive calls on your daily Bayonne drives. And once the pairing is complete, you also have new options to stream audio from your phone. Read on to learn how to set this feature up and utilize it to the fullest around West New York.

Pairing a Phone with Honda HandsFreeLink®

The exact steps may vary depending on the Honda model you are driving and the type of phone you have. But as long as your phone is Bluetooth-enabled and your vehicle is from a recent model year, Honda HandsFreeLink® is simple to set up. Follow these steps:

  • Verify that Bluetooth is activated on your phone.
  • Go to the “Phone Settings” section of the in-car infotainment interface
  • Go to the “Bluetooth Device List”
  • Go to “Add Bluetooth Device”
  • Select your phone after it appears on the list of found devices
  • Compare the six-digit code displayed on the infotainment screen to the code sent to your phone
  • Authorize “Phone Synchronicity” to import your contact list and call history

Using Honda HandsFreeLink®

Once the pairing is complete, your phone should automatically sync with your vehicle once you enter the car. If you receive an incoming call the contact info is displayed on your infotainment screen. Then, simply press a button to accept the call and start speaking into the air while keeping both hands on the wheel. And if you need to place a call while driving around Hoboken, just look up your contact list on the infotainment screen. Many Honda models also allow you to access AHA™ or Pandora® internet radio through your phone and broadcast the audio though the speakers in the vehicle.

Honda HandsFreeLink® Enhances Convenience and Safety

Once you equip this feature, you’ll be to talk on the phone on your Newark commute without putting yourself and others at risk. Visit Metro Honda in Jersey City to explore all the new models in the lineup, and take advantage of our Credit for Everyone policy as well as our VIP Advantage Program. If you have questions about pairing your phone, other Honda technologies like HondaLink, or applying for financing, please contact us.