Things to Know Before Approaching Car Dealers for Test Drives

July 2nd, 2015 by

Young woman in luxury sports car

All car dealers allow potential customers to test drive cars before purchasing. If a car buyer knows what to look for, a test drive can tell them everything they need to know about the car. Here is a thorough list of everything that an informed consumer should test before committing to an automobile purchase.


For many car buyers, especially those with children, safety is a top concern. Customers should always request a vehicle history report on used cars. A vehicle that has been salvaged from an accident could have compromised safety features. Airbags, seat belts, and all the crash protection equipment should also be inspected.


Customers should ensure that all screens and gauges are easy to read. It is also smart to try out the stereo system and the climate control features. If an auxiliary outlet or Bluetooth capabilities are desired, make sure the car is equipped.


Before leaving the car dealers’ lot, the customer should test the brakes to see if the vehicle will stop smoothly. The driver should not feel any resistance or vibrations.


It is important that a car buyer feels comfortable turning the wheel and maneuvering the primary controls. Before purchasing, a driver should take the car on city roads and on the freeway to test handling. It is crucial to see how the vehicle adapts to different terrains and performs at different speeds. It is also a good idea to test its turn radius.

Ride Comfort

Buyers need to feel comfortable enough in the driver’s seat to imagine commuting back and forth in it every day. They need to feel confident that they could drive over long distances without back or shoulder pain. There must also be enough leg and headroom. Buyers should consider all the various sizes and heights of those who will ride in the vehicle.

Be sure always to ask for a test drive before buying a vehicle so that you go home satisfied with your new purchase.

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