SlugBug 2.0? Five Apps for Kids on Vacation

July 29th, 2015 by

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Five Apps for Kids on Vacation

“Are we there yet?!” It’s a common question asked by more than a few kids this time of year, as the rigors of travel and–let’s be honest–the short attention spans of our progeny make them more than a little antsy during longer trips. So what is a parent to do? Easy! Download a few fun and informational phone apps, and let your kids’ imaginations run free! Here are five great apps for kids on vacation, from your friends at Metro Honda!

Cut the Rope 2

The first Cut the Rope game was among the most popular games in recent memory, and now there’s a sequel! In this edition, follow Om Nom (the original’s protagonist) as well as new sidekick Roto on a series of new adventures in a variety of new locales. Visually compelling and addictive as all get-out.

Toca Hair Salon Me

This will let your kids play dress up without making a mess. They can take a picture of themselves–or you, more likely–and doll up the picture with wigs, makeup and various decals. It’s every bit as exotic as dress-up, only far less embarrassing.

Chatterpix Kids

This is a little similar to the Hair Salon app, with an obvious twist. Take a picture of anything (a tree, an animal, etc.) and record an audio clip. The picture will then anthropomorphize, repeating the clip with its new mouth. Sound creepy? Well, use your imagination!

Little Red Riding Hood

For fans of classical children’s literature with a decidedly modern bent, this one is a can’t-miss. It takes the story of Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf, but lets children choose their own ending, making each telling different than the one before. Fun for everyone involved!

Petting Zoo

This one is a blast, regardless of age. Using quirky doodles of a number of different animals, users can move figures using taps, pokes and slides, with the animals responding with wild reactions each time. Not exactly like feeding oats to a goat–They still do that, right?–but fun nonetheless.

We trust that these will send you off on your vacation in peace, with your kids occupied enough to eliminate any stresses that may arise. We hope to see you soon at Metro Honda!

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