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What Is an Emissions Test? | New Jersey Smog Check?

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Vehicle emissions testing, also referred to as smog checks, are tests designed to evaluate the output of toxic chemicals and pollutants by individual vehicles. Emissions testing also ensures the functionality of modern vehicles’ onboard emissions check systems. These systems are in place to mitigate the release of pollutants like hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and oxides of nitrogen, which are found in vehicle exhaust. Smog checks were put in place by many regional governments, including ours here in New Jersey, in hopes of reducing air pollution and making the air healthier to breathe. Can you imagine how much different beautiful Jersey City would be without these checks in place? Oh boy! Keep reading to learn more about emissions testing requirements in NJ, and make sure you reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns as we’re here to help!


Covered in This Guide:

  • Do I need an emissions test?
    Find out if your vehicle and location demand that you get an emissions test done.
  • How long does an emissions test take?
    Learn how much time you can expect to spend on a vehicle emissions test in NJ.
  • How much is an emissions test?
    Does it cost anything to get a smog check done? Find out below!

Do I Need an Emissions Test?

Seeing as there’s over 30 states in the U.S. that require emissions testing, the answer for many people is yes – you will need to get an emissions test done for your vehicle. For our clients and friends who live near Bayonne in the state of NJ, the answer is also a definite yes. Depending on your view of pollution reduction efforts and vehicle modification limitations, this may be a positive or negative thing for you – but the reality is that smog checks are part of current NJ law.

How Long Does an Emissions Test Take?

Now that we’ve established that you’ll in fact be needing an emissions test/smog check, it’s worth knowing about how long these tests usually take. On average, emissions tests take roughly fifteen to thirty minutes to complete. However, since there’s no federal regulations regarding these checks, the types of testing required by different states could differ, possibly increasing or decreasing the time it takes for the test to be completed. For more information about what goes into the emissions tests required by the state of NJ, visit the State Government website here.

How Much Is an Emissions Test?

As it stands, in NJ, an emissions test performed at an official New Jersey emissions test facility should not cost you a dime. That being said, there are other private locations that can perform the test for you, but they are allowed to set their own prices for this service. If you do not have an official NJ facility available near the Bayonne area, it’s recommended to shop around for the best emissions test prices. Typically, they won’t exceed around fifteen to thirty dollars.

Metro Honda, Your One-Stop Auto Shop!

If your vehicle is coming upon its due date for emissions testing, then you should know that the team of tenured professionals at Metro Honda are not only equipped and trained to complete this service, but they’re also experienced technicians, lot attendants, and service advisors whose ultimate goal is to provide the pinnacle of automotive service to their fellow Newark community members. Don’t believe us? Check out our feed of recent customer reviews here!

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