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How to Fix a Dent in a Car

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No matter how carefully you drive around the Bayonne and Newark roads, minor dents and scratches are inevitable with enough miles behind you. While you can always visit Metro Honda for a professional’s touch, learning how to fix a small dent in a car or a small scratch in your paint is perfectly doable at home. Learn how to go about the process with the service team here at Metro Honda, and rely for your service tips and advice



The Downsides of East Coast Driving

Whether you drive around the heavy traffic of NYC or the Garden State suburbs, it’s no secret that driving can be a high stress situation. Between the high density of drivers, unpredictable weather, and smog, accidents are everyday occurrences – especially on heavily-used roadways like Garden State Parkway and George Washington Bridge. But, even simple trips to the grocery store or Hoboken schools can involve hectic parking lots and narrow lanes. This leaves drivers vulnerable to dents, dings, and scratches – even with the best road manners.

How to Fix Scratches on a Car 

Do you notice that annoying scratch on your door every time you head out for the day? You can take matters into your own hands and fix scratches on your car with simple items. Here are some tips for how to fix scratches on your car without heading to the service center.

  • Candle Wax – A temporary but effective solution is to clean the scratch and rub candle wax over the surface of the scratch to seal it in.
  • Super Glue – Another temporary fix, super glue will help to mask your car’s damage and blend it in with the surrounding paint.
  • Paint Polish or Rubbing Compound – A more permanent way to fix scratches on your car, paint polish or rubbing compound can be found at an auto parts department. Start with the lightest polish and least abrasive pads, and work your way up as needed.
  • Wet Sandpaper – If the dry method doesn’t work, using 2000-grit wet sandpaper can help buff the scratch away. Then, apply a rubbing compound and polish. Finish with a wax or paint sealant.
  • Touch-Up Paint: Touch-up paint is found at automotive service centers in different forms, like pens and bottles, and it’s a good way to hide deeper scratches with an exact paint match.

How to Fix a Small Dent in Your Car

You’ve mastered how to fix scratches on a car, now what about how to fix a dent in a car? Bigger dents might require serious body work, but you can often pull out small dents in your own garage. 

  • Plunger – You might be surprised to learn that you can fix a dent in car with a plunger. While a car dent plunger might be more effective, many drivers find success using an everyday bathroom plunger to pull out the dent.
  • Hammer or Mallet – Working from the opposite side of the dent, protect your car’s panel with a towel and gently tap with a hammer for smaller dents or a mallet for larger dents.
  • Dent Puller – A more intensive method to fix a dent in a car, a dent puller requires you to drill a hole in the dent to pull it out. You’ll then need to fill the hole, sand it down, and paint.

Get Expert Car Care at Metro Honda

Whether you want to pick up some touch-up paint or let the experts fix the scratches on your car, Metro Honda is here for all of your automotive needs. Contact us with your questions or schedule your service appointment online!

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