Ready, Set, What? A Look at Strange Racing Competitions

July 2nd, 2014 by


Strange Racing Competitions

To the surprise of no one, Honda has a long and illustrious history in automobile racing. Honda’s racing program was founded fifty years ago and, after a long hiatus, is now up and running at full swing again. But did you know that people will race almost anything? We at Metro Honda wanted to look at a few of the stranger racing competitions around today, none of which we would recommend anyone trying. Have your popcorn ready? Enjoy the chaos!

Bar Stool Racing

This has to be one of our favorites. The racer must be constructed from a real bar stool, using battery power only. With simple steering and four ten-inch-or-smaller, you’d figure that drivers don’t get much momentum going. However, we found some records showing top speeds over 55 mph, although the record was set at the famed Bonneville Salt Flats. However, we enjoy the tracks that have twists and turns, such as the one below.

Cheese Rolling

While this isn’t an automotive race, it certainly falls under the banner of the bizarre. Taking place in Gloucestershire in Great Britain, racers chase an 18-pound wheel of cheese down a hill, generally tumbling most of the way. The first to reach the cheese wins–duh–the wheel of cheese, as well as eternal bragging rights.

 School Bus Racing

Anyone who has ridden on a school bus at any point in his or her life has looked out a window and wondered, “Can’t this thing go any faster?” Taking that feeling to its logical extreme is School Bus Racing, a demolition derby-style race performed in a figure eight. This video packs a number of random childhood daydreams into one terrific video.

Pumpkin Paddling

Pumpkin-carving festivals take place pretty much everywhere during the autumn months, but have you ever tried to use one as a boat? With Pumpkin Paddling, enormous pumpkins are hollowed-out and used as a watercraft. Sound fun? Maybe. Delicious, though? Yeah, probably.

We trust that this has enlightened a few racing-minded individuals to the vast world of obscure and inane racing competitions. And if you want a real race, jet on over to Metro Honda, home of the 2015 Honda Pilot and 2015 Honda Fit!

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