Is the Honda Accord or Honda Fit Better for Back to School Driving?

August 21st, 2015 by

School office supplies on board.The back-to-school season is a pretty hectic time of year for a parent. Whatever the situation, shuttling the kids to and from school requires the right vehicle. Whether you have one kid or a few to transport, you’re likely going to want a roomy vehicle for occasionally shuttling friends and classmates as well. Making the same trip twice a day can really wear on a car, so your carpool vehicle needs to be affordable and easily serviced.


You will need plenty of space for backpacks, school projects, and your students themselves. Depending on the model, the Honda Accord offers 13.4 or 13.7 feet, making it perfect for smaller families and for those who feel they don’t need the added space. The 2015 Honda Fit offers 16.6 cubic feet of cargo space with the back seats still upright, making it great for larger families, as the cargo space averages over 30 inches of space in every direction. In addition, the 2015 Honda Fit is the winner when it comes to oversized projects, as you can fold down the back seats to expand to 52.7 cubic feet of space—enough space to fit a small couch.


The affordability of a car encompasses the price of the vehicle as well as the price of driving it. Parents spend a great deal of time, and log a lot of miles, transporting schoolchildren to and from school, to and from extracurricular activities and even to and from their friends’ houses. As communities grow, schools become farther and farther away from students’ homes. That means gas mileage becomes a serious consideration for your perfect back-to-school vehicle. The fuel efficiency of the Honda Accord LX-S with automatic transmissions, and the 2016 Honda Fit LX with automatic transmission, makes both of these vehicles smart choices for the daily commute.

Choosing the right back-to-school car ensures that you get your kids to and from school safely. Depending on the needs of your students, a Honda Accord or a Honda Fit would be an excellent selection to jump-start the academic year!

**EPA fuel economy estimates are based on typical driving conditions and driver behavior. Your mileage may vary.

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