How to Pair Mobile Phones to Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®

September 11th, 2018 by

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Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® lets you you can connect calls while keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. By connecting your Bluetooth® enabled smartphone to your Honda model, you can enjoy many of your smartphone functions while safely driving on Newark roads.

Connecting and Pairing Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®

The Honda Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® feature lets drivers make and receive calls without touching their mobile phone. To pair a compatible phone to HandsFreeLink®, the vehicle must be parked with the power on. Start by pressing the home button. Touch “Phone”, then “Yes”. Make sure your phone is in discoverable mode. Now touch “Add Bluetooth® Device” then select “Continue”. Select your phone when it appears on the list. If your phone does not appear, select “Refresh” to search again. If your phone still doesn’t appear on the list, select “Phone Not Found” and search Bluetooth® devices using your phone.

From your phone, search “HandsFreeLink®.” The system then gives you a pairing code on the display audio screen. Confirm the pairing code on the screen and on your phone match. When pairing an iPhone, you’ll be asked to allow your phonebook to be shared with the car. You can pair up to six phones at a time. Here’s the quick way to add more phones: first, select settings, then “Phone”, then select “Bluetooth® Device List”. Next, select “Add Bluetooth® Device.” Select a phone to connect a phone from the list, then select “Connect.” You’ve just added another phone that is now paired with the vehicle.

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For more information on our inventory of new Honda vehicles and how you can pair them with Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®, stop by Metro Honda! While you are here, be sure to explore the many new and pre-owned vehicles in our inventory and how you can take advantage of our Honda lease offers to get the car you want at a price you can afford.

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