How to Find Electric Charging Stations for Your Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid

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You may think that finding electric charging stations for your Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid is difficult, but make things easier for yourself with our simple guide. Using the Hondalink® Fuel Finder, Jersey City drivers can easily locate public charging stations to keep their Metro Honda running!

Using the Hondalink® Fuel Finder

The Hondalink® app includes an electric charging station locator feature that makes it easy for Clarity Plug-in Hybrid drivers to find public charging stations when away from home. First, open the Hondalink® app on your smartphone to see the dashboard. In the range section, you’ll see the Clarity’s estimated EV driving range next to the battery icon, the gasoline driving range next to the pump icon, and the total combined driving range. Tap the charge stations tab. A map will appear showing the locations of the nearest 20 electric charging stations and the status of each. Green indicates that the charging station is ready and available. Gray indicates that the charging station is either in use or there is no available data indicating the station’s status.

By tapping on the filters button, you have the option of limiting the scope of your electric charging station search. You can set the station finder to show only available electric driving stations. However, because many stations do not report real-time status, this may significantly reduce the stations appearing in your search. After setting the filters you would like, tap “Apply”. From the list of EV charging stations, tap a location that’s convenient for you, and the details of that station will display. You will see the station hours, and below this you can read available station info. Now tap directions and you’re on your way!

If this is an EV charging station you will be returning to, mark it as a favorite. You can access your favorite EV charging stations by tapping on the “Favorites” icon within the find “Find Charge” station screen. As you drive the Clarity, create a favorites list of electric charging stations that suit your driving habits.

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