HondaLink: Connecting Your Honda Accord to Your Phone

July 2nd, 2015 by


If you can use a smartphone, you can access the excitement of HondaLink. It’s really that simple. To explain, we’ll use the Honda Accord as our example.

What is HondaLink?

It’s an app-based platform that connects you, the driver, to a world of online content both in and out of your car. Accessing music, weather and traffic warnings, and virtually anything else on the Internet has never been easier. In a nutshell, you, the driver, control your smartphone’s interface from your vehicle’s steering wheel, without distraction.

How Do I Hook It Up?

Installation is easy. For some vehicles, such as the Honda Accord, you will have to install the HondaLink App Launcher and the HondaLink Connection App in addition to optional apps like Aha and Navigation in your Smartphone. Installation takes about a minute once you register your car’s VIN. From there, open the Connection App to sync your vehicle. Phone-car synchronization should happen automatically. You will have convenient access to your Owner’s Manual, local weather and points of interest, destinations, messaging, and a Maintenance Minder, including remote service scheduling.

Next, open the App Launcher. This app supports 3rd party services, such as iHeart Radio, so they can be integrated into your vehicle and then be displayed on your car’s screen.

What Kind of Phone Will I Need?

To install HondaLink, you will need an iPhone or Apple compatible device, as all apps derive from the Apple App Store.

Do I Need Special Wires to Connect My Smartphone?

HondaLink requires the following: HDMI cable connector, Apple lightning adapter, and Bluetooth HandsFreeLink connection. Your salesperson may be able to provide these. If not, they may be purchased just about anywhere Apple products are sold.

Can My Smartphone Drive For Me?

No. That would take all the fun out of driving a Honda.

So, My Honda Accord Needs the EV App?

Yes. The EV app allows you to interact with the Honda Accord interface by allowing you to start/stop charging, climate preconditioning, viewing your battery level in real-time, as well as managing your car’s charging schedule. It enables you to see your car’s current range on a handy map display and search for close by charging stations, certified dealerships, or other points of interest. Best of all, the EV App provides roadside assistance should something happen.

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