Four Best Products for Successful Road Trips with Pets

August 29th, 2015 by

Dog in a Car Window and enjoy road tripMany people consider their dogs to be members of the family, so it’s no surprise that they often bring their furry friends along when they travel. Traveling with pets in the car can be difficult, but these cool products will make the trip a little easier while keeping the car as clean as it was on the car dealer’s lot.

  • Gulpy Pet Travel Water Dispenser. This product allows the dog easy access to water. The lid, which contains a built-in dish, screws onto the bottle, and the dish flips up against the bottle to save space. The bottle is leak-proof and comes with a handy clip for easy storage.
  • Twistep. This is a small platform that plugs into the vehicle’s trailer hitch to provide a step for animals who need a boost getting into the vehicle. When not in use, it twists under the bumper. If the car doesn’t already have a hitch, many car dealers’ service departments can install one.
  • Travel Hammock. Travel hammocks lie across the back seat in a “U” shape to prevent animals from falling on the floor. They also protect the car’s interior if the animal sheds or has an accident. They’re available in tons of different sizes and styles to fit any vehicle on a car dealer’s lot, and some can be used with safety harnesses to keep the animal in place.
  • Kurgo Auto Zip Line. This leash and restraint system consists of a plastic-coated tension cable that connects to the back seat or cargo area. It allows the dog to move around safely but restrains him in case of sudden stops. Think of it as a seat belt for dogs.

Being prepared is the key to successfully traveling with pets, and these products will help dog parents give their fur-kids a safe, relaxing ride.

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