Choosing Between Honda and Kia

June 24th, 2015 by

2015 Honda Civic Si CoupeCar dealers often have an extensive inventory of both Honda and Kia models for consumers to consider. On the surface, these vehicles may look similar, which could cause some confusion. However, a closer look will show some fundamental differences, making it clear which automobile consumers should choose. Here are some important considerations:

* Consumers with an eye on fuel efficiency should look closely at Honda models. For example, the 2014 Civic tops its Korean competitor with stellar EPA ratings.

* Honda models have attractive pricing at a variety of levels. Basic models start lower, and even well-equipped models remain lower than other vehicle makes.

* Shoppers perusing car dealers looking for innovative features in their vehicles often appreciate what Honda has to offer. For example, the Civic coupe has Honda’s LaneWatch blind-spot system, which involves a camera mounted beneath the right mirror to give drivers a unique perspective on any action occurring at the right rear of the car.

* For handling and comfort, the Honda Civic impresses most drivers when compared to other similar cars. This vehicle manages to feel powerful even when it has less horsepower than other models. Suspension maintains a high level of comfort, even around curves and on rough terrain.

* Resale values remain impressive for Honda automobiles, which have the ability to hold onto their value with amazing resilience throughout typical ownership periods.

At first glance, Honda models may look virtually the same as many other brands. Consumers who drop by a few car dealers and slide behind the wheel to take a test drive will quickly feel some major differences between this car and its competitors.

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